Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Much ado about nothing

The problem with political reporting is that there are times when not much worth talking about is happening. Filler is the key word and controversy is the king these days. MSNBC, Fox, CNN are no longer news reporters but as they have over the last eight years become rumor mongers. Reporting corps have given way to conjecture and propaganda corps(e) that flock like vultures to either defend their point of view (POV) or spin the opposition.

I see more of the movie network on TV these days than I'd care to believe possible. I like Keith Olberman and Rachael Maddow who I can agree with much of the time for their great research and belief that there are not always two correct sides of every issue. It's true there are always many differing opinions but facts are facts. I do, however, know they are not infallible.

So we are going through the eye of the storm where all is calm but the pseudo news, spinners, point-counterpoint and slime spewers (Limbaugh & Company) are desperate for news.

Well this week it's time to expose the weakness and indecision of Harry Reed relevant to the Rolan Burris appointment by Rod Blagojevich. Blagojevich is pointing out that Harry Reid had called him about the appointment back in December. Duh and why shouldn't Reid have called and with the attack on Palestinians retaliating on the attack by Hamas where:

"More than 600 Palestinians are believed to have been killed since Israel began its offensive on 27 December. Palestinian health ministry officials say at least 195 children were among them.

Since the start of its military operation in Gaza, Israel has lost seven soldiers on the ground.

Militants have also launched hundreds of rockets into Israel, killing four people."

What a joke the news has become and then there Diane Feinstein/Jay Rockefeller questing the Leon Panetta as CIA chief. Sounds more like they are upset about not having been consulted. This is really big news ... NOT

I'm sure Diane and Jay are big enough people to suck it up and realize Barack Obama really does respect their opinion even if he would have nominated Leon Panetta anyway to get a non-echoed handle on the CIA.

I guess the key is to realize not all news is created equal and know what to cry about and what to just laugh about.

Personally I think we will get involved and help set up a food drive locally.