Thursday, April 22, 2010

Animal Chin

I have four sons who grew up in Tierrasanta, CA and love skateboarding this is their first and fave skateboard video.

"The Search for Animal Chin"

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Software to Revolutionize the Life of Students

New Software to Revolutionize the Life of Students

Vital Logic, an Oregon based company, has been working on software that will give students the edge on grades. The software will run on any Microsoft® or Apple® based operating system.
The key to the software is it’s ability to record, transcribe, report and even analyze lectures.

Using the latest Voice Stress Analysis (VSA) software first developed in Dektor labs the software incorporates a digital application based on the McQuiston-Ford algorithm and new firmware sensor code named Diogenes.

How it Works – Digitally recording lectures the software performs several functions. In transcribe mode the software first creates a full transcript but doesn’t stop there. By clicking the Summery button you get an outline of the lecture which can be created in Brief, Full or Enhanced mode. Brief mode creates an outline of the actual lecture while summary mode creates a bi-level view of points made of the lecture. Enhanced mode not only creates the outline but adds references to every point using Google’s Universal Reference Tool (URT-23). Enhanced mode also adds relevant points the lecturer may have omitted.

But Wait There’s More – The FLord analysis engine named after Frederic Lord, Father of Modern Testing in Education kicks in with a list of probable questions with the best answers based on the VSA score and emphasis in the voice of the Lecturer.

And Even More – Since Lecture Notes 2012 retains all information for a specific Professor or teacher comprehensive tests can be produced in any question format from Essay to Multiple Choice to Fill in the blank format.

Also Available – Grade school and pre-School models with either cute kitten or fire truck cursors.

Discounts available for orders of 10 or more.

Available at all Waltmart locations or online at Goodie Egg Software