Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Do You Trust

So it's the Insurance vs Government on Health Care?

I've had the best of insurance in my time on earth, from work at General Dynamics I was covered 100% for awhile. My family was also covered for a nominal cost. Along came "Choices." I had an option of 90% at a high rate, 80% at a less but high rate, and 75% or finally a HMO lowest cost and no deductible. Sounds like HMO was a natural choice.

The HMO dictated who I could see and what could be done. I chose the 90% plan and paid more. It's all gone downhill from there. Less and less coverage less and less choices. Jobs became insecure. I was lucky to maintain employment without lapse in insurance, fortunately because I have a preexisting condition.

I saw friends lose jobs insurance and even their homes. I heard about the rolling recession starting on the East coast. I've seen hospitals grow and grow with no thought to cost and Insurance companies "cherry pick" who would be covered. I've heard a Junior Chamber of Commerce ask a Canadian speaker "How bad is your insurance coverage, I hear there are long lines." I heard the answer about how the speaker loved her Canadian coverage because she could get medical care and never fill out a form or get rejected.

World Health Organization has these statistics:

Health care ranking 39th
Life Expectancy 24th
Health Care Expenditures 1st
Overall Health System Performance 37

All of this leads me to believe if we can keep some people very healthy for so long with our fine doctors and hospitals why do we rank so low. It's because so many get no or poor treatment options. So many lose their homes, go into bankruptcy, lose their ability to work. All the while the medical industry including the Insurance companies are reaping great rewards.

Just how does the "Law of Supply and Demand" work when lives are at stake? The fallacy with that "Law" is that it isn't a law at all but a system being manipulated by "Supply Side Economics." When prices go down somehow supply gets cut. So when will demand for Health Care go down in an increasingly aging society? Will we all be captive to an industry?

If you think for one minute a "for profit" company can trusted with your life you better think twice. Unless we learn to trust our "Elected" officials and know who we are voting for we will never see an end to being held captive.

Unless we cover everyone, those who are covered will forever pay for everyone treated. Those poorly treated in the system will always cost more to treat because their health deteriorates until it's critical care (the most expensive) and very costly.

I would trust the government and it's medicare, veterans coverage than I'd ever trust an Insurance Company again. For those who dislike the French I have to add their system is rated #1. Or we can follow the Republican suggestion and not tax the wealthy a bit more, do tort reform, and follow "Dick" Armey and eliminate Medicare and Social Security.

Who do you trust

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