Friday, August 14, 2009

Will the government pull the plug grandma?

The Actuarial System used by insurance companies today it the true "Death Board."

I'm not worried about filling out end of life forms and getting informed medical opinion as to what I should expect. What I worry about is the number of deaths and illnesses untreated because Insurance companies (the private option) need to maximize profits.

It is not hard to figure out what actuarial studies really are in the insurance industry. They are the odds makers. Though not always correct they are pretty close and never err on the side of risk. All this suffering and death and bankruptcy and lives ruined because we couldn't get insurance. Or like in my case I had trouble getting a job out of college with a major oil company in Houston because I have Anklosing Spondylitis. It is devastating and yet I've worked 40 years since Humble Oil said I was qualified but their insurance wouldn't cover me.

It makes me sick that the lies about the government killing old people is being spread by people of high respect like Charles (Get 'er done) Grassley, Dick (Swarmy) Armey and Sarah Drill,baby, Drill) Palin. I find it most disgusting that they have the very people getting hurt by the insurance industry parroting those charges and calling health care improvement a "Socialist" plot. Most interesting is that these people are labeling the plan and President Obama both a communist and a Nazi as if the Communists were not our Allies in world war II fighting the Nazi's

Truth is the only drop in support for the health care initiative is from those who want a single payer plan and watching everything good being watered down by Republicans who will not vote for the final bill anyway and Blue Dog Democrats who got lost in campaign donations and conservative supporters.

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